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Next Bead Fest Challenge Theme

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You have 5 days to vote. This will expire on Thursday, August 15th at midnight (MDT)

The summer is wonderful-the sun,plants,animals-everything is alive so ,I thought
about FLOWERS as a theme of the new mini fest? It is very general topic-it can
be any flower, in any number,in any composition You want. It’s probably not very
original, but I’ve noticed that it can be modified in so many interesting ways

Half Past Midnight  
Being the Autumn Fest, the nights are drawing in and Halloween, Harvest
Festival, Thanksgiving and later Christmas are all on the horizon. That made me
think of the theme “Half Past Midnight”.

Half Past Midnight could be anything to do with the night either factual such as
owls, moonlight, starlight or using beading to capture the effect of light from
lit up pumpkins, candles and firelight. It could also be used to enter the
fantasy world of witches, lucky black cats, ghosts and ghouls or even skulls
which seem to be in fashion at the moment. The choice would be yours. Those are
just suggestions of how a theme of Half Past Midnight could be used but there
are probably countless other ways to get the feeling of the autumn and winter

You could either be literal in your interpretation and have pumpkins etc in the
designs or you could simply capture the theme by use of colours and textures
such as midnight blues, oranges, and blacks etc. Jewellery and other items would
also be extremely marketable for all the parties and celebrations which people
are likely to have through the coming months both autumn and winter.
Mel (Lindmel)

Winter Fantasy
My suggestion for the upcoming bead fest is Winter Fantasy. Push the limits of your imagination and create your own breathtaking winter fantasy piece of jewelry. There are many inspirations to reach for such as books or movies (The Chronicles of Narnia, Game of Thrones, The Golden Compass, etc.) or even digital art on google search. Your inspiration can include winter nostalgia, frozen lakes, crystal castles, snowstorms, woodlands with fantasy creatures, icy shipwrecks, fantasy crystal cities, wintery landscapes, ice queens, and so much more!
Crystals, rhinestones, pearls, fiber, feathers, along with metal findings can create stunning textural contrasts in monochromatic icy blues, greys, white, or red symbolizing blood in snow! Don’t be afraid of self expression!

Autumn Leaves

Bead Embroidered Dolls
My new theme choice would be bead embroidered dolls. My guidelines would be that your doll is 3-dimensional. Any size from 4 to 18 inches. It can be 100% beaded or can also be a combination of beads and fabric/leather/ultrasuede. I’m providing the below link for everyone to enjoy.
Google Search

Childhood Summer Daze
What about “Childhood Summer Daze” And whatever that means to you.  Remembering what it was like to be young again… If only we had one more summer vacation…  Maybe you spent summers with your grandma on her peach orchard, on the lake with your family, at camp reuniting with friends from afar, scavenging for coke bottles to by penny candy, bbq’s, sprinklers, tire swings, beach trips, hot summer night skinny dips, picnics, puppy love, fresh cut grass, ice cream man, bare feet, bee stings, sunburns, campfires, tree forts,best friends…  ahhhh… if only I had believed those old people when they told me to love every minute…

How about Family? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah are all coming up and we
hopefully will all be spending time with loved ones. Maybe something like that?
Sarah Dekker

I would love to do a fall piece, although we probably should have done that over
summer so we could have it for sale for fall. But we could always hold it and
sell it next year. Anyways. I like the idea, and think the fall colors would be
fun to work with.

How about the theme, “Secrets.”
It could be a secret that you hold dear, a secret of someone else, or a
reference to discovering a secret.
Kris Clark

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