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PELE; Goddess of Molten Lava Shibori Silk Ribbon and Swarovski Crystal Bead Embroidered Necklace

Beaded necklace

This beaded necklace was an entry piece for Bead Dreams by Sharayah Sheldon of 4uidzne.

Tempestuous Pele is the goddess of the volcano, with all its power and capriciousness. In ancient Hawaiian chants, she was described as “She-who-shapes-the-sacred-land” and her temper was known to be both as abundant and dangerous as the lava. Traditional tales abound of her love affairs and liaisons, of the rivalry with her sisters and brothers, of the storms and waves with which one after another god tried—and failed—to subdue her.

In Hawaii, it’s impossible to avoid the evidence of her power and generosity. Since 1983, her volcano has destroyed more than 100 structures on the Big Island—while adding more than 70 acres to the island’s southern coastline.

Glistening green peridot is a volcanic gem formed in the deep fires of the earth; on Hawaii, it is treasured as the tears of Pele. An entire beach in Oahu is formed of peridot sand, worn to powder by the ceaseless ocean. Pele’s gift of peridot is thought by many to have great power to heal, and to bring wealth and growth. Its beautiful green-gold color perfectly complements an Island tan, and sparkles just as brilliantly at night as in the sun.



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  1. thank you for sharing this on our blog

  2. Beautiful!!! So much detail!


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