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Congrats to all our member that completed the Kaleidoscope challenge. This was a very inspiring theme thought of by Doro Soucy of LuxVivensFashion. These were the Guidelines:
1. You can express your love of color in playful patterns that will resemble beautiful images seen through a kaleidoscope.
2. Your inspiration can come from majestic stained glass windows of Gothic or neo historical cathedrals as well as Tiffany’s lampshades. I always adored sunlight shining through the stained glass windows inside a dark church, causing fireworks of colored lights on the opposite wall.

Kaleidoscope BeadFest

Row 1 (left to right)

1. The Butterflies Escape by tropicalkaren

2. Electra by GoodQuillHunting

3. Bead Embroidered Collar- Kaleidoscope for EBEG by bjswearableart

4. Purple Passion, EBEG, bead statement necklace by EMBROIDERINGMYDREAMS

5. Art Beads ”Juicy Fruit ” by Sunny1167

Row 2

1. My Heart is Your Kaleidoscope by LuxVivensFashion

2. Reflections of Spring by KraftKonfessions

3. Blue and Green Hexagonal Shape “Kaleidoscope” Music Box by lindmel

4. Pitahaya” by Aillil

5. Sparkling Stained Glass BEADFEST Kaleidoscope EBEG by beadifuljewelry (RESERVED)

Row 3

1. Moon Roses Bead Embroidered Necklace EBEG Bead Fest by ConniqueJewellery

2. Pitahaya” by Aillil

3. Electra by GoodQuillHunting

4. My Heart is Your Kaleidoscope by LuxVivensFashion

5. The Butterflies Escape by tropicalkaren

We will be voting on the next theme within a week, stay tuned!


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  1. Absolutely stunning collection

  2. Sharayah Sheldon

    Gorgeous pieces that really captured the theme

  3. One piece, ” My Heart is Your Kaleidoscope by LuxVivensFashion” is listed twice.

    • Sorry, didn’t notice but more than one is listed twice, was there that few entries?

      • When I created the collage I used the grid format. The best layout was 5 by 3.= 15. Only one photo is exactly replicated. In some cases I used two different photos for the same piece to depict different angles, details etc. One is not included b/c it was never posted on the etsy thread for the BEAD FEST. This is the second collage, b/c a one other person did not post their’s on the ETSY thread. This is very frustrating since I announce it several times; both in general announcements and discussions for each BEAD FEST.

      • Thank you! Question resolved! 🙂

      • Did I not post my piece on the correct site?? Mine was not included with the rest.

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