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Please introduce yourself to the readers: Where do I begin? I am 58 years old, wife, and mother of 5 grown sons, grandmother of three, Jeweler, GIA( GG) gemologist, and Professional artist. I studied Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon University in the 70’s, majoring in Painting (specifically oils, with a minor in printmaking). Besides all of that I also bred horses with great success and rode as an amateur in the Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Equitation rings. One of the things that I am most proud of is that at the age of 48, I , after showing horses on the line ,and realizing the need for safer, more accessible arenas in Ohio, developed, opened and ran the largest privately owned arena complex in the United States, Eden Park Equestrian Complex. I retired from it full time 3 years ago, only advising when asked. My son now runs the facility. This has enabled me to return to the art field. I came in contact with bead embroidery after seeing a bracelet. I started beading, with a passion that has never ceased, in July 2009.

How long have you been beading? Since July 2009

Seamstress Gift To The Queen Of The Spring Carnival-Sharon Edelman

When did you first try bead embroidery as a technique?
I did not really know how to begin, so I took a class at a local bead shop. The instructor was not really qualified to teach, but I came up with many of my own solutions and  also  bought the book The Art Of Bead Embroidery, by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini.

Why do you like bead embroidery? It is painting and sculpture. It is color and texture. It is functional, making the wearer feel special. It is personal and it is universal. It takes art into the street and outside of the gallery. It is as old as time and genetically programed into our need to express ourselves through decoration. And , of course it is that feeling of accomplishment one gets after the dedication it takes to make something so personal come to life and take on its own meaning for others. Plus, it’s FUN!

Cibola-City Of Gold-Sharon Edelman

                What are your inspirations and influences? Everything inspires me: words, memories, people, events in my life, nature. Living is my inspiration.

What are your favorite materials? Of course, it is the glass beads first, the colors and texture, their ability to change under the influences of different light sources. I also like gemstones, bone, found objects, and rocks, ceramic.

What defines your style?  It is Organic, the pieces develop, and impart a personal meaning to each viewer. Like a child, I created it , I cannot control it.

Ascension and Judgement of Being-Sharon Edelman

What are your future goals with beading? To continue learning and doing. This is an ancient art, with so much diversity in technique; it affords me the youthful ambition to always learn something new.

The Investigation-Sharon Edelman


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  1. Sharayah Sheldon

    What a beautiful woman who exemplifies bead embroidery.

  2. Sharon, I have to say it are an amazing woman! Your artwork is truly inspiring.

  3. I have loved your work from the first time I saw it.

  4. Thank you all so very much for your wonderful comments. You ALL inspire me in so many ways, I cannot possible find the words of gratitude that I have inb describing my admiration for all of you!


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